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Challenge [72]: CLOSED


I am so sorry. :x I have had a month of cats - which is no excuse, really. :p But I'd like to try to get the comm up and running again, even though it may mean eventually moving to dreamwidth - though at the moment I have nine foster kittens and no energy, so anything more complicated than sleeping posting the poll is beyond me. So. Onto the poll. ♥ Thank you for bearing with me.

The rules for this week's poll are slightly different, so please read carefully. :)


You're allowed to vote for yourself, but unless you think your drabble was really good, please refrain.

Pick your choice for the winner, and if you're not the one who posted the challenge, leave the challenger's vote box empty. We've already indicated the challenger's name, so if that's not your name there, don't put your vote in the challenger's box. Everyone's vote counts, but the one that gets the vote of the challenger gets an extra three points.

Also, please note that the challenger only votes in the challenger's voting box.

When voting, please put in only the number. It makes it easier for the mod to calculate results rather than constantly referring to the list of challengers. Also, I'm aware that I may make mistakes. Please inform me if I missed a challenger out.

The winner will be announced in this post so please come back to it.

Here are the writers and their entries:

1. empath_eia's léiriú

2. iki_teru's Gateways

Poll #1849831 Challenge [72]: Mirror
This poll is closed.

First Choice

Challenger's Choice (crimsoncookie)

Edit: the winner is iki_teru!


Jun. 27th, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
thank you. ♥

omigosh that is a lot of kitty. :x

*wry* this morning i was feeding the smallest four of the nine; when i finished and stood up to take them upstairs, the littlest - the one i'd given a bath to earlier, of course - decided to plunge straight into the kitten-milk bucket, caught his leg on the side, and upended the entire thing over the floor. milk on the sofa, milk on the ceci, milk all over kitten.
Jun. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm (UTC)
Auugghh if they weren't so damn cute we would never want them, lol.


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