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an original drabble/drablet challenge community
This is an original drablet challenge community after the style of kh_drabble. All original entries (i.e., not fanfiction) are accepted for the challenges so long as they stay within the range of flash fiction (ie from fifty words to about eight hundred, the max). Non-challenge entries may be longer, but please write in the spirit of the community.

Rules (a.k.a things you might want to take note of)

1. Spellcheck is your friend. So is grammarcheck. If it's only 50-800 words long, it can't be that difficult to check, is it? Seriously, check it. I don't want to limit members to screening them first to check that they can spell and have correct grammar. If you still worry about missing out mistakes (we all do), I’m pretty sure a friend would be on hand to help you! Or you could ask a friend in the community.

2. The format of your entry should be like this:

Word Count:
(anything else):

If you don't have a program that counts your words for you, here's one. Or you can go to Memories and access the site from there.

3. Put your entry under an LJ-cut. Fake cuts are NOT allowed, because we archive every entry and if your journal goes boom, so does the entry your fake-cut leads to.

However, you are allowed to lock your entry as community friends-only. I realize some may be sensitive about having their original work read by all of the internets.

4. All ratings of story are allowed. However, please try to refrain from issuing blatantly NC-17 challenges as some of our members may not like it. You can refrain from joining the current challenge if you wish.

5. Collaborations are allowed, so long as you both can agree on a challenge if you win. :) Tentatively, it is currently allowed to play in another member's original world, as long as you have permission from that person!! If this causes drama, I'll no longer allow it.

6. All challenges are preferably for one week. We will only extend the challenge if there are two or less participants in the current contest. Challengers are not eligible to enter their own challenges for the weekly contest, though they certainly may post a non-challenge drabble inspired by their challenge.

Also, other drablets OUTSIDE THE CHALLENGES are allowed and encouraged. We don't want to stifle any creative outburst!

7. Each writer is allowed a MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) entries PER CHALLENGE.

But most importantly, enjoy yourself!

If You Want to Contact the Mod For Any Reason Whatsoever...

Journal: crimsoncookie - I accept LJ messages!


Current: [69] The City
Ends: 2/3/12


Challenges 1-50 are located here.

[051] Snow Queen
Winner: ursako's I will not love you

[052] Embroidery
Winner: iki_teru's How Pretty

[053] Undine
Winner: lettersandliars' Under Ice

[054] Monologue
Winner: kaos_sparrow's Ever After

[055] Odyssey
Winner: iki_teru's Southeast

[056] The World Next Door
Winner: windbourne's Lucid

[057] Beautiful Beasts
Winner: sabrina_neo's One-Faced

[058] Rapunzel
Winner: crimsoncookie's Rapunzel Speaks

[059] Someone is Crying
Winner: littleforest's In the Attic

[060] Find Alice
Winner: faded_bliss' Up and Under

[061] Cleave
Winner: windbourne's The Seven Deaths

[062] Starlight
Winner: dkwrkm's Mr. Altair Prepares Because Ms. Vega Awaits

[063] Teeth
Winner: kunenk's Aftercare

[064] Anticipate
Winner: lazzchan's For Forever

[065] Daunting
Winner: empath_eia's On Scorpion Time

[066] Underworld
Winner: crimsoncookie's Unlike Orpheus

[067] Winter Song
Winner: empath_eia's Weissefrauen

[068] Altar
Winner: sabrina_neo's 84-28-17

thank you to wrong and the other past mods of kh_drabble for creating the style and rule format of this community!